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HCG Diet Protocol Support

During the first two days of the program (while taking HCG Ultra Diet Drops), we ask that you eat as you normally do; including such foods as bread, butter, fried foods & chocolate. Phase 1 is vital as it prepares the body with more accessible fat during the "loading" up on HCG Drops. In so doing allows the HCG Ultra Diet Drops to target and go after stored fat deposits as you transition into Phase 2; the low calorie diet. Phase 1 is crucial to your future weight loss success as it sets the stage for Phase 2 of your diet. Executing this properly will give you a strong foundation for the rest of the HCG program. Make sure you are taking 25 drops (3/4 dropper) of HCG Ultra Diet Drops before each meal. You will need 2 bottles for a 1-month cycle; enough to take you through Phase 1 & 2 of our HCG program.

Phase 2 | Protocol

HCG Protocol

Your real weight loss begins on day three! At this point in the HCG program, you MUST follow the prescribed "Daily Meal Plan" without deviation. Eating more food than the plan allows or consuming foods that are not permitted will only cause immediate weight gain. Also it's important that you correct any deviations should they occur, but if they do, you must return immediately to the stated Daily Meal Plan. This is a pivotal part of the HCG diet protocol.

Phase 3 | After Weight Loss

HCG Program Results

After completing the main weight loss process in Phase 2 of the HCG diet protocol, you are now ready to dive into our longer-term portion of the program; the maintenance Phase. You should plan to stay on this program for 180 days. Having succeeded in cleansing your body and losing a solid amount of weight, your body is primed and ready to enter this maintenance phase. As much as possible, stay away from starchy and sugar foods, including processed, foods for the first two weeks (except for your cheat day, which is explained below).

First and foremost you will want to consume the appropriate amount of calories. Most people, including licensed dietitians, underestimate the amount of calories they are consuming.

What is the right amount of calories to consume?

  • Take your ideal weight and add a zero. This is the general rule and can be adjusted slightly in some cases. If your ideal weight is 220 lbs then your new calorie amount should be 2,200 calories. If your ideal weight is 110 lbs then you should eat approximately 1,100 calories.
  • Learn to eat smaller portions on larger plates. Research shows this has an effect on how fast you become "full" and the total calories you consume.
  • Always plate your food, especially if you order take out or delivery from a restaurant. Just as smaller portions on bigger plates helps you lower your caloric intake, so does plating food instead of eating it from a container.

Secondly, you need to better understand the difference in eating good and bad carbs. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from refined and processed foods. Bad carbs are usually distinguished best by their "white" color. Typically foods that are highly refined and/or processed are high in calories and low in nutritional density. On the other hand, good carbs will provide better nutrition and fulfill your hunger needs for longer periods of time. Moreover, good carbs will better fuel your body and allow you to have more energy throughout your day. One way to measure what are "good carbs" is by reading the nutritional profile of the carbohydrate section of the label. The best carbs are fibrous. Fibrous carbs and green vegetables are great for you. It’s hard to eat too much fibrous carbs and green vegetables. Take caution, as this is the whole reason you followed the HCG protocol in the first place

In our Phase 3 brochure we have included a sample daily meal plan for those on 1,300 to 1,500 calorie diets. Also included is a list of top fibrous carbs, vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, and starchy carbs and whole grains. Although we don’t think it’s realistic to stick to the list 100% of the time, we do suggest you shoot for 90% compliance. Any plans to deviate more than 10 percent from the list of foods below should be saved for your cheat day to get the most out of the HCG diet program

     Eric Lost 25 lbs in 14 Days!             Traci Lost Over 180 lbs!

Daily Meal Plan


        • take HCG Ultra Diet Drops (3/4 dropper)
        • take Vitamin B-12 (1 dropper full)

1-cup cereal (Special K, Total or Cheerios) and 1-cup of skim milk
2 eggs with 1 45-calorie slice of toast
1/2-cup oatmeal (not instant) with 3-tbsp of almond or skim milk


        • take HCG Ultra Diet Drops (3/4 dropper)
        • take Vitamin B-12 (1 dropper full)

8-oz protein (weighed before cooking) and 2-cups cooked or raw vegetables and 1-cup fruit
1.5-cups nonfat cottage cheese and 2-cups cooked or raw vegetables and 1-cup fruit


        • take WeightLoc (1/2 dropper)

white turkey breast with sugar-free sweet pickles
1/2 of a low carb protein bar (approx 100 calories)
1/2-cup cottage cheese with an apple
100-calorie bag of popcorn


      • take HCG Ultra Diet Drops (3/4 dropper)
      • take Vitamin B-12 (1 dropper full)

10-oz protein (weighed before cooking) and 2-cups cooked or raw vegetables and 1-cup fruit
1.5-cups nonfat cottage cheese and 2-cups cooked or raw vegetables and 1-cup fruit

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